TYC- Transitioning Youth Council

TYC is where HCPS, DORS, and outside agencies all come together as a team to make sure that our students preparing to graduate from high school are able to be successfully employed.

HCPS teachers refer students that are in 11th grade to TYC because they have a disability that would affect how they are successful in the workplace, they have been approved by DORS, and they want to work!

When a student is referred for TYC, Transitioning Youth Council, the entire team will decide which outside agency can best meet the needs of each of our students’ individual needs. The agencies include Humanim, the ARC, Alliance, PennMar, Upper Bay, and Abilities. The services provided by these agencies are then billed back to DORS, which is the agency that funds for this wonderful program. Students may only receive this service if they have turned in a DORS application, have been approved as eligible, and if the student wants to work. Once the student has had a successful work experience for 90 days, the agency will back away and allow the student to grow on their own. If the student begins to struggle being independent in the work place, then the agency can come back in and help the individual as needed.

These agencies may also provide services separate from this program with HCPS if the child is eligible. You can check out the websites for more information.

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