Division of Rehabilitation Services (DORS)

Is your child in 11th grade or beyond? Check out DORS!

Maryland Division of Rehabilitation Services (DORS) offers programs and services that help people with disabilities go to work or stay independent in their homes and communities

HCPS teams up with this agency to make sure your child has all the supports neccessary to be successful in their work places and out in the community! Not every student with disabilities will be eligible for services; however, if you have received an application for your child, it means that his/her IEP team feels that they could benefit from these services.

DORS can be such a wonderful and optional support service in your child’s life and during their time of transition. If you have received an application, please fill it out as soon as possible and return it! Please let me know if you have any questions or need any assistance!

DORS Representative Teamed with HCPS:

DORS is currently in between representatives. This information will be updated as soon as a new representative is established.

2 S Bond St, Bel Air, MD 21014
(410) 836-4590

Rehabilitation Supervisor:

Pearl Ojiere: 410-836-4599

Rehabilitation Counselors:

Lynnette Alexander: #410-836-4590

Alyssa Bonser: #410-836-4590

Chenwi Ngwa:  # 410-836-4590

Office Secretary: Kathy Halliday   #410-836-4590

Manrise Moore:  Counselor for the Blind – OBVS      #410-836-4590

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