For Transition Students in the Autism Program


BINGO: Working toward goals

Every time students go out into the community, they will take with them their BINGO boards. Each BINGO board will include spaces including goals for them to work toward. Some of them will include: asking a store clerk a questions, find an item in a store, or holding the door for a stranger. When a student gets “BINGO,” he or she can turn in the BINGO board for five bucks!


You may see your child bring home fake money (BUCKS) for participating in the work experience program, doing a nice job on CBI trips, or participating well in class. This is because we are learning about managing money! Students will be able to use their BUCKS to purchase items from the TRI MART (Transitioning Responsible Individuals Mart), or they can cash in their money for rewards like the ones listed below. The TRI MART store has been developed by donations made to our department to help motivate our students. You may see your student bring home movies, books, toys, crafts, or snacks a few times throughout the year.

Cash Exchange Reward Options and TRI MART

Students may use their money to purchase items from the TRI MART, or they may cash them in to earn these rewards. Shopping or Reward Exchanges may only happen during specified times, or after CBI trips (in the community or in the school).

$5 Crackers and Cheese
Cheese Curls
Mini Juice Box
$10 5 Minute Walk Break
5 minutes on the computer
$15 10 minute Walk Break
10 minutes on the computer
Lunch with Mrs. Wood
$20 Play a game with Mrs. Wood
Eat Lunch with Mrs. Wood and a Friend
Priced Individually Other Items in the TRI MART

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