For Transition Students On Certificate Track

CLASS DOJO: Motivation and Data for Student Behaviors and Achievements!

Check out this link to see how your student is doing at work, in class, or during CBI trips! Students’ positive and negative behaviors will be marked on class dojo! My goal is to encourage all of my students to act appropriately both in school and out in the community, and for them to work toward their own personal goals. When I see students following directions, showing responsibility, etc. they will earn points; however, when I see them display unwanted behaviors such as forgetting to call out for work, not following directions, or not completing tasks at work they will lose points.

Please help me motivate your student to working toward earning as many points as possible! At the end of every two weeks, when students earn their “pay checks,” I will give an extra $5.00 to the student with the most points! Students are able to use this money in the school store.

Every student/parent has a code to enter into the website! Use this code and keep track of their points!

BINGO: Working toward goals

Every time students go out into the community, they will take with them their BINGO boards. Each BINGO board will include spaces including goals for them to work toward. Some of them will include: asking a store clerk a questions, find an item in a store, or holding the door for a stranger. When a student gets “BINGO,” he or she can turn in the BINGO board for five bonus points!


You may hear your child talking about making money for participating in the work experience program, you may even see a check! This is because we are learning about managing money! Every student will be paid with a fake paycheck for the work they do in the work experience program. Each student will make $8.00 an hour and will only get paid when they are at work completing the tasks assigned to them, both in school and in the community. Some students have more volunteer positions or longer hours, so those students will earn more “money.” Students will be given class time to practice filling out deposit sheets to keep track of their money by balancing their bank accounts. If they choose to cash their checks, they will receive fake money to go over to the TRI MART (Transitioning Responsible Individuals Mart) and purchase things from the store, or they can cash in their money for rewards like the ones listed below. The TRI MART store has been developed by donations made to our department to help motivate our students. You may see them bring home movies, books, toys, crafts, etc. These are all items that they purchased with their “paychecks.”

Students will also be working toward class dojo points as they progress toward their transition goals. When a student earns 20 class dojo points, they will earn an extra $5.00.

Please encourage your student to participate in this experience; and as always I appreciate any additional experiences you can give them at home! I love when our students can make connections to their lives away from school. If your students doesn’t already have a bank account for birthday or chore money, I always recommend taking them to the bank to set one up! This school to home connection helps each student to become more independent. Thank you for all that you do and all the support you give to the students.


Students may use their money to purchase items from the TRI MART, or they may cash them in to earn these rewards. Shopping or Reward Exchanges may only happen during “Bank Time,” which will be a time set aside from class. If students choose a reward, it will be scheduled for a later time.

$50 5 Minute Walk Break
5 minutes on the computer
$150 10 minute Walk Break
10 minutes on the computer
Lunch with Mrs. Wood
$200 Play a game with Mrs. Wood
Eat Lunch with Mrs. Wood and a Friend

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