Links to Practice Academic/Community Skills


Below are some links to help practice academic skills that are so important for our students; but as helpful as these may be, there is nothing more realistic then going out there and trying!

Parents, when you go out to eat, or run to the bank… take a chance and let your child do what you wanted to do. It is okay if they mess up, they are learning! Let them pay the bill, write out the deposit slip, ask a question, navigate you around town!

Students, the world may seem like a big scary place, but I have faith in each and everyone of you. You can do it! So reach for the stars and try new things!

Math Playground: A website for practicing practical math skills such as choosing items to buy, determining tax, and purchasing items with the correct amount of money! Practice skills here everyday!

Homework Helper: A website that offers assistance with homework for middle, high school, and college students! : A website where you can enter your grade level and the skills you want to practice and the website will generate practice problems for you!

Purchase the Skill Practice and Assessment For Middle/High School book to practice math skills needed!

Practice Real World Math Skills needed to be successful and independent in your life after high school!

When will I ever use this? : This link to a youtube video will show students how math comes up in all aspects of life and work. This is why math is important!

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