When it comes time for our children to take the next step and utilize transportation independently, it can be a very scary task! Some of our students may drive on their own… some may venture out using public transportation, but either way, here is some information for you to consider!

There are community service providers that help with driving school and transportation training. See below for more information!

DORS: If a student is interested in driving and his/her ability to do so is questionable, then DORS could be able to have him/her complete a driving assessment at the Workforce Technology Center. Since this is an assessment, it may be funded by DORS, but only if the student is still in school.

  •  If the student is found to be a good candidate to drive, DORS could potentially fund his/her driver’s education classes; however, since driver’s education is considered training, he/she would need financial information from the family to see if they have a financial need. If he/she receives SSI, then there is not a contribution made toward the training- no matter what the income of the family is. These services could still be provided, but at the cost to the family.

The Image Center: Free travel training for freedom and independence from the IMAGE Center and MTA. Travel training is a step-by-step individually customoized process designed to help people with disabilities and senior citizens to use the MTA fixed-route Local Bus, Light Rail, and Subway. Travel training will not affect eligibility for MTA Mobility. The IMAGE Center also offers group and classroom travel trainings.

  • For more information, please contact Amanda Taylor at 443-275-9393

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